Calling all hot emcees!!!! Submit your hottest verse to win a chance to be featured alongside Arch Millie on his latest track!


Here are the contest rules:

1.) Write your hottest 16 to the third verse of the song “Not To Be F*cked With,” found below!

2.) Send in your song with your featured verse to with the subject line “Music
Contest-Completed Verse-(insert your name)”

3.) Then upload your song to the list of social media sites below. Make
sure you tag and title it with “Arch Millie Not To Be F*cked With (Remix)
Feat. (insert your name)”.


The artist with the biggest buzz and hottest verse will be featured on the
Arch Millie’s upcoming album as a remix and will be featured on IAA
Industry News.

Right click to save and download track.





Congratulations To Our Contest Winner D A DUBB!